Resources The Cutting Room Floor


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Miscellaneous Typos & Errata

Coalition War Campaign (1st printing), page 170, for the C-42 Rail Gun Cluster Housing, when all three guns are fired, they inflict 3D6x10 M.D., NOT 3D6x100 M.D.

Rifts® Underseas, page, 103, the mini-torpedo tubes for the T-23 "Bottom Feeder" mini-sub usually have a payload of 4-6 torpedoes per tube. They may be assigned more or less depending upon the nature of their current mission.

Rifts® Psyscape™, page 138, the Zenith Moon Warper's M.A. is 1D6+2. The "1D6+2-" was a typo.

Rifts® South America: One, page 81, the Kittani Raptor Power Armor/Robot's leap kick inflicts 6D6 M.D., not 6D6x10 M.D.

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