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The Cutting Room Floor

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On the "cutting room floor," you will find things that went out of print, were forgotten or left out for other reasons, along with general errata and excluded material from various books.

Palladium Catalog

2018 Palladium Books Catalog PDF – Our most recent catalog in PDF form.

Supplemental Material

General Palladium

Character Sheets For various Palladium Games, posted in PDF format. Most systems are here if they have a sheet to put up.

Palladium Fantasy RPG®

  • G.M. Shield This is the First Edition G.M. shield. This Screen has been out of print for several years, but with various requests we thought it'd be nice to put up. This uses the First Edition rules. [this is a high quality download]
    • Publisher: Palladium Books®, Inc.
    • Editors: Kevin Siembieda
    • Typist: Maryann (Donald) Siembieda
    • OCR & Clean Up Stuff: Thom Bartold & Maryann Siembieda
  • Siege Weapons This is a lengthy article by Bill Coffin that was meant to be in the Western Empire. Yet it found a happy home here.
  • Currency Page These are the Currency Sheets the First Edition of the Palladium Fantasy RPG®. They left out of the updated 2nd edition due to space needs, but with various requests we thought they'd be nice to put up.

Rifts® Magic Index

A complete alphabetical list of all Rifts® spells, and their page numbers in the Rifts® Book of Magic.


After the Bomb® RPG -
The two missing maps from the new ATB

Rifts® Ultimate Edition (1st Printing)

Rifts® Africa

Rifts® New West

TW Devices left out of New West

  • The TW Stagecoach
  • The TW Plow
  • The TW Horseless Coach

Palladium Fantasy® 2nd Edition

Miscellaneous Errata

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